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When The Geeks Do The Matching

Here’s a good one! There’s an online dating site that making waves these days. ABC News tags it as the hottest destination on the net.

“OKCupid has somehow catapulted itself from obscurity to mere dominance in the online dating world boasting more than seven million users.”

Here’s the reason why OKCupid is very successful. It’s uses algorithm to make a match. This dating site is not dependent on dating coaches or experts. OkCupid relies on the expertise of mathematicians to make the match. Interesting, huh?

“Their success is in part because their site is free. But it may also have something to do with their unique approach. These aren’t your typical matchmakers. They’re mathematicians; Harvard-educated. And they match people up applying statistical algorithms to their user profile.”

Who would ever think that the geeks could help find love? But apparently they can. And they have a very accurate way of doing it. Nothing can be more accurate than math!

How OKCupid Does It

Sam Yagan is the co-founder and CEO of OKCupid. He founded the company in 2013. He states:

“We can learn enough about you to make sure that the dates you go on are not going to be disastrous.”

Sounds good enough to try. It’s free anyway. But who knows? The numbers might just be the way to find someone wonderful.

Some Interesting Findings

Based on all the data gathered, this dating system seems promising. OKCupid has uncovered a lot of fascinating trends on dating. They provide interesting facts on how folks interact with each other.

“It turns out men who start their messages with ‘Howdy’ have a forty percent better success rate than those who start with ‘Hey!’”

For the women out there, here’s something to think about.

“And women who show cleavage in those profiles have up to seventy-nine percent more success than those who don’t.”

This one is outright funny (but maybe true!)

“Iphone users have more sex than android users!”

Christian Rudder is the co-founder of OKCupid. He says this to say.

“We’re able to pull out what kind of camera people were using. Also obviously being a dating site, people tell us a lot about their romantic behaviors so we kinda get some correlations and came up with … an Iphone user has, I think, twice as much sex as someone that uses an android phone.”

These are definitely funny and trivial findings. But they’re all based on the information posted on the website. So whatever formula they’re using, it’s working very well. After all, OKCupid has become the second most popular dating website.

Can Math Help Find Love?

So can math really help find love? Maybe it can. Apparently, OKCupid has connected about half a million couples online. Their personal data have been combined with some kind of mathematical equation. And it works! Yes, the geeks are dong a great job in making the match.

But how can anyone be sure about the information posted online? Is there some kind of algorithm that can detect a scammer? Are the searchers safe? It would be great to have some kind of security online.

Here’s one more feature of the dating site that’s very limiting.

“We’re trying to figure out … who’s in your league. So if you’re a three and a half star attractiveness, then maybe you shouldn’t be seeing people who are ones or fives. Maybe you should be seeing people who are threes and fours.”

That may not suit some folks. After all, people go online to seek a wider chance opportunity. It would be better if the geeks can widen the parameters of dating. Limiting the searchers within their league may not work for some. It takes more that to find the perfect match.


Is Online Dating For You?


Are you tired of meeting up with the wrong guy for a date? Do you often ask yourself, “Where are the guys?” Are you wondering or maybe even panicking that you’re not meeting the right guy? What can you do? Where can you go?

Well, perhaps, you can go online. With online dating becoming more and more convenient these days, it’s definitely an option for you.

Clicking To Find A Date

More and more folks are turning to online dating. Well, you can’t blame them; it’s convenient after all. It can also save you a lot of time. Clicking to find a date is better than going through all the trouble of interfacing with someone that you can’t stand from the start.

Interestingly, online dating has been found to be more successful than the traditional manner of dating. In one of the episodes of Fox News, anchorman Neil Cavuto shares an exciting and enticing fact about online dating.

“That special someone that you’ve been looking for is out there. So keep pointing, keep clicking.”

He also adds that people who meet online are more likely to be happy together.

“More of them are likely to be happy and more likely to have longer lasting marriages as well.”

But has this been proven at all?

What The Experts Have To Say

One relationship expert says otherwise. According to Maryanne Comaroto, a very small percentage of people dating online end up in a long term relationship.

“Actually the truth is there are about fifty-four million single Americans right now. Forty million of whom have tried online dating yet a very small percentage of those people actually end up in a long term marriage …”

Based on the statistics shown on this particular episode of Fox Business News, twenty percent of Americans have tried online dating. While the numbers are small, it certainly does not mean that online dating won’t work for you.

It definitely worked for Jennifer Flaa. Blogger and freelance writer, she shares some effective tips. These tips have helped her find the right guy online.

  • Be careful and don’t trust easily. Safety comes first.
  • Use your better judgement.
  • Know when it’s time to move on from one profile to another.
  • Be assertive. If you think it won’t work with a particular person, say it. It will save you and the person a lot of time.
  • Gather as much information before meeting up but don’t expect too much.
  • Arrange a brief initial meeting.
  • Meet in a new place, a place where you’re not a regular customer.
  • Be honest. If you don’t find your date interesting, move on.
  • Be yourself.

In spite of the statistics, online dating does work for other folks. So it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Who knows, you might just become part of the small percentage that have found happiness online.