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The Art of Body Language According To Tao Of Badass


According to dating tips from the Tao of Badass, one of the things that we take for granted is the power to communicate with body language. I think body language is stronger than words. We can control our words or at least consciously control the words we speak. But we can’t control our body language. That comes naturally with how we feel.

So it’s really important to know something about body language. You can go beyond the words to get the message. But then we have to be very careful. Body language, after all, is not an exact science. Also, body language can be learned and used in strengthening a lie.

This is what businessballs.com has to say about body language. Together with the tone of our voice, our body language accounts for over 90% of the meaning conveyed. Based on that, it does make sense to know more about body language, which is also recommended by the Tao Of Badass reviews site BehavioralEcology.

The Powerful Message of Body Language In A Date

Dr. Lillian Glass, a communication expert, shares some insights on the power of body language in a date. Starting from how a couple walk side by side to small mannerisms such as biting the lip, Dr, Glass shares the messages that weren’t spoken at all.

She analyzes the body language of the couple walking in a restaurant. I thought this was fitting because at some point we all go into a restaurant with a date.

“When they’re walking in, there’s a little bit too much distance between them and that’s not a great sign especially with a couple that’s been together for only seven months. You want to see them closer together…”

This is on the premise that the couple is still getting to know each other and there’s still a lot of hesitation.

Again, Dr. Lillian Glass analyzes the body language of the couple as they settled down on their table in the restaurant. She points to the girl with her arms crossed.

“You can see right here she’s really uncomfortable. I don’t think this is a girl that likes to eat much.”

Then she points to the feet of the couple.

“One of the things that is comfortable, their feet are pointing right towards each other. They’re really into each other. Definitely.”

Dr. Glass then tackles the eye contact between the couple. Their direct eye-contact positively connotes that they are very into each other. Here’s an interesting thing. The crossed arms of the girl totally aligns to the fact that she’s just not into food. The guy orders a tuna and the girl keeps her arms crossed and mouth closed. Interestingly though, she agrees to have the tuna.

Why It’s Good To Know A Little About Body Language

There’s no doubt that it’s good to know even just a little about body language. If words cannot be spoken, let the actions can send out the message. While on the other hand, picking up the messages from the body language can definitely show a more sensitive side according to Joshua Pellicer. Knowing even just tad bit of body language can definitely help you understand your date more. For guys, they wouldn’t end up ordering something that she doesn’t really like but refuses to say in words. For us, women, we can learn how to align our actions to our words.

Communication is definitely not just about the words spoken. If you really want to convey the right message, it definitely helps to know more about body language.


Is Online Dating For You?


Are you tired of meeting up with the wrong guy for a date? Do you often ask yourself, “Where are the guys?” Are you wondering or maybe even panicking that you’re not meeting the right guy? What can you do? Where can you go?

Well, perhaps, you can go online. With online dating becoming more and more convenient these days, it’s definitely an option for you.

Clicking To Find A Date

More and more folks are turning to online dating. Well, you can’t blame them; it’s convenient after all. It can also save you a lot of time. Clicking to find a date is better than going through all the trouble of interfacing with someone that you can’t stand from the start.

Interestingly, online dating has been found to be more successful than the traditional manner of dating. In one of the episodes of Fox News, anchorman Neil Cavuto shares an exciting and enticing fact about online dating.

“That special someone that you’ve been looking for is out there. So keep pointing, keep clicking.”

He also adds that people who meet online are more likely to be happy together.

“More of them are likely to be happy and more likely to have longer lasting marriages as well.”

But has this been proven at all?

What The Experts Have To Say

One relationship expert says otherwise. According to Maryanne Comaroto, a very small percentage of people dating online end up in a long term relationship.

“Actually the truth is there are about fifty-four million single Americans right now. Forty million of whom have tried online dating yet a very small percentage of those people actually end up in a long term marriage …”

Based on the statistics shown on this particular episode of Fox Business News, twenty percent of Americans have tried online dating. While the numbers are small, it certainly does not mean that online dating won’t work for you.

It definitely worked for Jennifer Flaa. Blogger and freelance writer, she shares some effective tips. These tips have helped her find the right guy online.

  • Be careful and don’t trust easily. Safety comes first.
  • Use your better judgement.
  • Know when it’s time to move on from one profile to another.
  • Be assertive. If you think it won’t work with a particular person, say it. It will save you and the person a lot of time.
  • Gather as much information before meeting up but don’t expect too much.
  • Arrange a brief initial meeting.
  • Meet in a new place, a place where you’re not a regular customer.
  • Be honest. If you don’t find your date interesting, move on.
  • Be yourself.

In spite of the statistics, online dating does work for other folks. So it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Who knows, you might just become part of the small percentage that have found happiness online.