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What I Avoid Eating On The First Date


Do you get all excited when you go out on a date? Well, I do! I usually take the time to figure out what to wear. Whether I’m going out on a blind date or not, I really take some time to fix myself up. Date nights for me are dress up nights. So be it a blind date or not, I make sure I look good. Considering the time I spend on myself, I do my best to make the.evening worthwhile. And by that, I mean I won’t do anything to ruin the evening.

One of surest ways to ruin the evening is by eating something that can upset my tummy. Such is the reason why I refrain from eating on the first date. The anxiety in my tummy has a weird effect with any kind of food intake. So if I’m not careful, the effects can be very embarrassing.

It’s Not Just Me

I thought this was just a personal thing I had with food. But apparently there are certain foods that shouldn’t be eaten on the first date. This article says it all. A garlic-scented breath and a tooth-stained smile cannot guarantee a second date. And if those silly interludes can get in the way, what more a tummy ache from eating something strange? The frequent trips to the bathroom can be very embarrassing.

I really want to make a good first impression. So while that itself is pretty hard to do, it’s better to keep things simple. One of the best ways to make the evening simple and worthwhile is by avoiding certain foods.

My Own List Of Food To Avoid

I have come up with my own list of dishes to avoid on a first date. But don’t get me wrong, It’s not that I don’t like these dishes. As a matter of fact, I love these dishes. But I will never eat them on a first date. They’re just too dangerous.

Pesto Pasta. This is a double whammy for me. While the long noodles are hard enough to eat, the pesto can get caught between the teeth. This can definitely ruin a perfect smile. That’s not exactly the kind of impact I want to make on the first date.

Sushi. I love sushi most especially when it’s dipped in soy sauce and wasabi. But in spite of that, I still wouldn’t eat it on a first date. It’s just too messy. I know I wouldn’t look good as I shove down a piece of sushi into my mouth. Having a mouth full of sushi is just no that sexy.

Burgers. Burgers are my all-time favorite. Burgers and fries are my comfort food. But I wouldn’t eat them on a first date. First of all the fries are too oily and the burgers are just too bulky to shove down my throat. I don’t think my date will appreciate seeing me swallow a whole burger. I can save that sight once we have become more familiar with each other

Crabs and Lobsters. I wouldn’t risk eating crabs and lobsters. Cracking the shell to get to the meat is challenging enough. I don’t need this kind of challenge on a first date.

This is my personal list of what to avoid eating on the first date. It’s better to get to know the person first and establish familiarity. When that time comes, it wouldn’t be too embarrassing to chow down a whole burger or a piece of sushi.